Exclusive Blue Sky Bio Course


Each attendee will receive from CAD-RAY the following BlueSKyBio products: 4 dental implants, 2 final drills, and 1 torque wrench (approximately $700 value).  We also package implant designs at discoutned rates for these courses

Every graduate of this course can directly send their cases to Burbank Dental for stent manufacturing with FDA approved stent material and the appropriate metal rings for their cases. Stent fees are $100 for single unit and $200 for mutiple unit tooth borne cases, and $300 for single edentulous arches!

What you will learn:

  • Mastering the Blue Sky Bio software
  • Learn to quickly design your own cases or how to delegate to CAD-Ray.com for your planning needs
  • How to properly treatment plan implant cases with a complete digital workflow
  • Appreciate how robust the software is and how you can fabricate stents off CAD/CAM data, cone beam data or scan appliances
  • Hands-on exercises that teach you the drill sequence of placing implants with BSB Drills
  • How to manage single-unit surgery to more complex cases that involve edentulous arches
  • How to restore single units all the way to full arch cases
  • 15 CE units
  • much more....

Morning Session: Tooth-Borne Cases
Introduction and mastery of BlueSkyBio Software
BlueSkyBio implant lines
BlueSkyBio drills and protocols
Integration of Cone Beam data and CAD/CAM data
Understanding the limitation of Cone Beam and CAD/CAM integration
Integration and limitation of multiple Cone Beam data sets
Proper digitization of denture duplicates for stent fabrication
Multiple ways to design a surgical stent and how to choose appropriate design type
Proper case presentation techniques for patients
Where and how to easily obtain Cone Beam scans
Afternoon Session: Hands on Exercises
Single implant placement designs
Multiple parallel implant designs
Mock surgery on models using the BlueSkyBio product line
Medical Insurance Billing
Maximize patient dental and medical insurance benefits
Learn how to properly integrate medical billing into your practice
Understand how to bill for your Cone Beam scans and surgical stents
Learn how you can bill for numerous surgical procedures
Morning Session: Edentulous and Full Mouth Cases
Treatment planning large cases 
Appropriate case set ups and their ramifications during surgery
The multiple uses for chairside denture duplication
Immediate extractions and bone guides
How to keep track of the vertical dimension
The multiple restorative options available to you
Accurate transfers of fixtures to models
Digital impressions for edentulous cases
Hybrid designs for frameworks
Digital designs and bar fabrication
Hygienic full arch restorative options
Fixing lab costs where there are no costly surprises
Afternoon Session: Hands on Exercises
Edentulous case design in Blue Sky Bio with digital dentures
Mock surgery on edentulous models
Chairside denture duplications and scan appliance fabrication
Impression techniques for multiple fixtures
Impression techniques for multi-abutments
Restorative designs of abutments on CAD software
Bar designs on CAD software
Attendee Testimomnials TRAVEL

     The material was presented in an organized and user friendly manner. A tour of Burbank Lab was extremely helpful to bridge the connection in how the guided stents are processed, using state of the art equipment. This brings much piece of mind to know that these digitally fabricated guides are all US products, with an exceptionally high quality control process, ensuring 100% fit and accuracy. All this at a very affordably low level of cost, compared to placing an implant non-guided would be in my opinion, would be a dis-service to the patient. 
In the hands on part of the course, being able to use the guide, and place an actual implant, allows any implantologist, whether experienced or a novice, to gain an appreciation of how simple placing an implant can be, with confidence and certainty. 

     I highly recommend taking this CADRAY course, which includes 10 free designs. In fact, submitting a case though CADRAYs portal is so easy that I took advantage, and submitted my first design during the class.  

Dr. Sumeet Beri 

     I recently purchased the Galileos unit to compliment my Cerec unit specifically to go to guided placement. I cannot imagine any other way to place implants. It literally takes the guessworkout of the process. The knowledge of the systems here by Armen and Brian was obvious and, for the most part, clearly imparted. I am excited to continue the process of moving forward so we can provide this enhanced service for our patients! The portion on Cerec fabrication of implant supported crowns was well done and valuable.  

Dr. Tom DeLacey

     The educators at CAD-Ray are are not tied to any product or service. What you get is what has worked best for them. Having a plethora of experience and prior education both in CEREC and 3D, they are able to share an immense amount of information at a fraction of the cost that some larger companies may charge. I cannot wait to get back to my office and utilize the information that was shared. Thank you CAD-Ray!  

Dr. Stephen Nozaki

     Biomimetic treatment planning set the light bulb off on why a few cases had a less predictable esthetic outcome. If makes getting an excellent emergence profile and thus esthetic outcome predictable.

     Learning why some techniques to planning guided surgery are less accurate. I have studied this topic extensively but never had it explained so clearly and simply.

    Many pearls on a variety of Cerec/implant surgery related topics  

Dr. Nick Shubin

      Integration of cerec and galileos is great. I like the idea of getting help. I think I'm going to love the new printed guides. Wow - price and fit are good! Things are advancing quickly. I liked seeing Tony and Burbank lab. More talking to lab techs and looking at cases in lab.  

Dr. Donald Hillock

     I like the hands on, and the explanation of guided placement, and the step by step technique on the process, without one trying to sell a product, and how every time I go to Armen's course the process get easier and easier to place implant in a safe and a knowledgeable manner of where we want the implants to go, no more guessing on where the implants are going.

     The process that he teaches makes it simple to place, one you understand the philosophy of his teaching.

Dr. Guy Rapoza Hilo, Hawaii 

     1). I believe the presented material was appropriate and relevant to my desire to place fully guided and well planned dental implants.
     2). I did like the information presented. There was a lot of information presented and all of it is important in performing dentistry using the latest technologies.

    3). I appreciate the presentation in Honolulu vs. always having to travel to the Mainland for courses that are more advanced for CAD CAM users.
    4). I did appreciate the detail of the emergence profile, etc., that were presented. 

Dr.  Jason Ako








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Dr. Cory Glenn graduated from University of Tennessee Health Science Center College of Dentistry. Full Bio